Customize My Dashboard Tab

You can customize your My Dashboard navigation center, adding additional tabs to help you organize your tasks. For example, you might set up a "Daily Tasks" tab and a "Monthly Tasks" tab, or a separate tab for "Money In" and "Money Out" tasks.

Click Add new tab to add a new tab.

Click Customize this page to edit the currently selected tab.

Customize Options

Tab name: This is the name that will display on the tab in My Dashboard.

Tab position: "1" is the first tab from the left, "2" is the next tab to the right, etc.

Choose an area to pick the sections for your page: This gives you different views, or groups of tasks, to choose from in building your My Dashboard tab. For example, you might select Customers and Sales if you're building a "Money In" tab. This just gives you a smaller, more defined set of tasks or sections to work with in building your tab. You can select "All" if you want to see all available sections.

Selecting Sections

Click to highlight an Available Section on the left and then click the Add button to select a section. Hold down the CTRL key and click to select a group of non-contiguous sections; hold down Shift to select a group of contiguous sections. See a list of available sections.

Note: You must have Full Access to My Dashboard to be able to see and customize the My Dashboard navigation center. The sections that you are able to add to My Dashboard are based on your security settings for other areas of Sage 50 (such as Customers and Sales or Vendors and Purchases). Tell me more about setting up Sage 50 security.

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