Available in Sage 50 Premium Accounting and higher.

Opening Multiple Companies Simultaneously

You can have more than one Sage 50 company open at the same time. To do so

  1. Open the first company.
  2. Select File, and then either
  3. At the warning message, select Yes.
  4. Select the company you want to open or create the new company.

This will cause the current company to become inactive, as marked in the taskbar at the bottom of your computer monitor. Notice that it is grayed out and marked as "inactive." The newly-opened company will be active.

Note: The first company that was opened will be marked with an asterisk in the Windows Taskbar at the bottom of your screen, as well as at the top of the main Sage 50 next to the company name.

Clicking the company name in the taskbar will display it on the screen and activate it. At the same time, any other opened companies will be marked as inactive.

Note: If you try open two companies at the same time, certain functions in Sage 50 will operate ONLY in the company that was opened first. See a list of these functions.